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June 3, 2010 / raJkumar S

Chrome Tips

Access History, Downloads, Extension and Bookmark right from your Bookmarks bar in Chrome. Below are the steps to add download page.

  1. Use Ctrl + J to open download page in Chrome or open chrome://downloads/,
  2. Click star icon on the address bar and add the bookmark to bookmarks bar,
  3. Make the bookmarks bar visible using Ctrl+Shift+B or “Wrench icon –> Always show bookmarks bar” (make the bar visible in case the bar is invisible),
  4. For History and Extension page use chrome://history/   chrome://extensions/ ,
  5. For Bookmarks Manager open the bookmarks manager using “Wrench –> Bookmarks Manager” , though the address bar is empty you can bookmark the page using STAR icon on address bar to Bookmarks Bar folder as show in image above. Note: Latest builds from Chrome show bookmarks in a tab page, if you get a dialog of bookmarks manager wait for the feature to be released in stable or grab the beta.

Make the address bar (omni bar) little more intelligent by importing and syncing delicious bookmarks to Chrome bookmarks.

  1. Install delicious chrome extension from .
  2. ” Enable syncing of bookmarks”  in Delicious extension option menu.

Turn web into your personal music player with Extension FM

Get infinitely long web pages with AutoPagerize


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